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MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU CINEPUNKERS AND OTHER STAR WARS RELATED JOKES AND PUNS!!! Thank you for joining us for a fresh and exciting episode of Cinepunx! This is posting on Christmas Eve, so yes, it does in fact count as a Christmas miracle, unless of course you hate that. Then you can consider it a late Hanukkah present or a Kwanza surprise or just a thing that happened with NO LARGER MEANING DAMN IT! This episode we welcomed Cinepunx adjacent personality Sean Bennis-Sine to discuss film and recent cultural phenomena STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS  ALERT, ALERT, SPOILERS
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CINEPUNX EPISODE 41: We Discuss Venues with OB

CINEPUNX PHILLY BACK AGAIN, DOIN A LITTLE EAST COAST SWING!! I actually have no idea why I started this post that way. Hey everyone, and welcome to another riveting and high stakes episode of CINEPUNX! On this episode we sat down with Philadelphia punk LEGEND OB! You may know OB from his zine, SHIT TALKER, or maybe you saw him when he was roadie for LIFETIME back in the day, or maybe you know him because he has been going to shows since before you were born? You might have even seen his piece in the “Sexuality” issue of HEART
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