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LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 30: Stacey Finney nee Gold of Kremlin Korps

Stacey Finney nee Gold/July 6, 2013 Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Stacey Finney nee Gold, singer of the early ’80s Philly hardcore band Kremlin Korps. Stacey was one of few woman singers in a punk band in Philly at the time. She grew up in a contentious household in a rough neighborhood in South Philly. Stacey was a very quiet child who went on to find a much-needed source of underground culture on the South Street of the 1970s and early ’80s. There she discovered punk and came to attend shows throughout the city and form her band Kremlin Korps with
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LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 29: Michael McManus of Pagan Babies, The Heels

Michael McManus/July 3, 2013 Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Michael McManus of the ’80s Philadelphia hardcore band Pagan Babies. They talk about Mike’s upbringing and discovery of punk; the early shows he went to at Love Hall, Abe’s Steaks, the Crypt, etc.; hanging out with Bob Mould and talking wrestling; forming the band and putting out an EP on Kevin Seconds’ Positive Force records and an LP on Hawker; almost playing wiffle ball with King Diamond (okay, not really); touring the US in a deadly-hot van; the demise and temporary resurrection of the band; playing with the hardcore band The Heels; playing the
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LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 28: Billy Barton of Population Zero, The Charlie Few

Billy Barton/July 3, 2013 Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Billy Barton, who grew up on a farm and joined the USMC upon graduating high school. Billy served all around the world, including Kosovo. Billy wound up landing in Philadephia, where he was taken in by the West Philly scene and came to bring the “lead from the front” attitude he learned from the Marine Corps to putting on shows, playing in the bands Population Zero and The Charlie Few, putting out a ‘zine detailing how to put on DIY shows, and more. Billy has some interesting views on the Clintonian “don’t ask,
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