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HORROR BUSINESS Episode 11: Honey, Put That Found Footage Back Where You Found It

Episode XI: Honey, Put That Found Footage Back Where You Found It   Greetings miscreants, and welcome back to Horror Business, the podcast that wants you to keep filming NO MATTER WHAT. We have a powerhouse of an episode in store for you, and as always your inexplicable decision to keep listening to us warms our weird hearts, because without you we are shouting nonsense into the void. Even with you it’s likely we are doing just that! This episode we wrestle with the concept of found footage and documentary style horror films, specifically 2013’s Final Prayer (also released under
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CINEPUNX Episode 55: The Films of Akira Kurosawa (w/ Evan and Carp!)

ON THIS EPISODE WE ARE JOINED BY WRONG EVAN AND CARP TO TALK DREAMS, IKIRU, STRAY DOG, AND SEVEN SAMURAI!!! Hey there dudes and, if we are lucky, WOMEN! (Dudettes is so demeaning!) Welcome to another healthy and robust edition of CINEPUNX! On this episode we are joined by FAM Evan and Carp. A brief perusal of our past episodes will reveal these two dudes to be long time members of the extended Cinepunx family. We asked the dudes to join us for a discussion of the films of AKIRA KUROSAWA. There are some minor sound issues, discussed more fully
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