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CINEPUNX Episode 59: The Year that was 2016

IT IS THE END OF THE YEAR YALLLLLL!!! Welcome to another mind bending and morals crushing episode of Cinepunx, the internet’s number one source for strong opinions, shallowly researched, on obscure things. On this episode we discussed some of our favorite music and movies from the past year. If you would like to submit your picks to the official CINEPUNX year end round up, check this out! Josh also discusses some recent shows he has played, and tells a story of a bike trip gone horribly wrong, not just cause he sat through ASSASIN’S CREED! I saw ROGUE ONE just like
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HORROR BUSINESS Episode 14: Destroy The Machines, or: Why, William Hootkins, Why?

Episode XIV: Destroy The Machines, or: Why, William Hootkins, Why? Greetings cynics and outcasts, and welcome back to Horror Business, the podcast that desperately wants to be taught how to smash those metal motherfuckers to junk. We have one heck of an episode in store for you, our dear listeners, because we love you and strive to bring the best horror podcast we possible can. This episode we deal with the concept of robotic horror, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Our films for this episode were 1990’s Hardware, directed by Richard Stanley, and 1994’s Death Machine,
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