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Bookshelf: Two Tiny Tomes of Terror — MONSTER CINEMA & I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE

It seems appropriate that the two latest books added to my bookshelf are pocket paperbacks. Sometimes, massive books devoted to film studies have a tendency to ramble on, taking far more pages than necessary to communicate their points. This made the arrival of the latest installments of Wallflower Press’ Cultographies and Rutgers University Press’ Quick Takes: Movies and Popular Culture series interesting reads: they make their points succinctly and directly. The latest Cultographies book is David Maguire’s analysis of Meir Zarchi’s 1978 rape-revenge film, I Spit on Your Grave. Maguire looks at the issues surrounding the film — the misogyny,
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Get With the Program! Part 1: Justin LaLiberty

Programmers are the lifeblood of many thriving film communities; theaters rely on them to drive sales and bring in audiences, and ultimately, it’s their creative decisions that shape the local scenes that emerge in response. It’s also an intensely personal endeavor, as every programmer brings their own unique perspective to their selection process, dedicating countless, sleepless hours to preparing a singular, memorable theater-going experience to audiences old and new. We’ve got a lot of love for programmers at Cinepunx, which is why we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on film programmers far and wide. We want to learn what makes
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