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STREAM WARRIORS: The strange mysteries of The Beach House

Every day, the various titans of streaming release new original content — some to theaters, some to live solely on the information super highway. STREAM WARRIORS is the Cinepunx family’s ongoing journey to help you navigate the tumultuous and snake-ridden waters of the streaming world. Director/writer Jeffrey A. Brown’s feature debut, The Beach House (on Shudder starting Thursday, July 9), is a slow-burn turn from relationship drama to creeping cosmic horror. “Escaping to his family’s beach house to reconnect, Emily and Randall find their off-season trip interrupted by Mitch and Jane Turner, an older couple acquainted with Randall’s estranged father.
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THIS JUSTIN: Let Us Praise The Glory Of Dog Soldiers

Welcome to THIS JUSTIN, a column dedicated to my love of all things weird and spooky. Each week I’ll be taking you on a deep dive into something creepy and/or crawly and talking your ear off about why I love it so much. Light spoilers  ahead for DOG SOLDIERS. It was the winter of 2003/2004. My friend Andrew was home on winter break from college in Chicago and we were looking to engage in one of our rituals from high school: go to Blockbuster, rent the worst looking movie we could find, get a pizza, and watch said movie in
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FROM THE STEREO TO YOUR SCREEN: A Men in Black double feature

Will Smith’s “Men in Black” from Men in Black Thanks to the social distancing measures in effect across most of the country, there will likely be no public fireworks displays in your neck of the woods. So, unless you have jackass neighbors like mine who have been blowing shit up since the middle of June, the best hope for seeing explosions and bright shining lights will be to check out this music video double feature, with the one and only Will Smith. Fuck. I hate myself for writing that. Still, for the better part of the late ’90s and early
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