BLACK SUN DISPATCHES: Season 3, Episode 7: Kyle, Who Makes Our Weapons

Trouble is brewing in the city beneath the black sun. Different factions prepare for bloodshed while the heroes who might once have held the peace are scattered, lost, or dead. Dangers amass from all sides and storm clouds churn overhead. Before, each man and woman was on their own in a hunt for survival. That is no longer an option. A side must be chosen, and a war must be fought.

In the city beneath the black sun, gripped in civil war, there’s a lot of people dying, and a lot of people doing the killing. But it’s Kyle who makes it into an artform. Kyle, who makes all our weapons.

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Brendan Foley

Brendan Foley writes, performs, and produces Black Sun Dispatches. A Massachusetts-based writer, additional work, both fiction and non, can be found on and his page. He hopes you enjoy the work and will be hiding in his emotions bunker until hearing otherwise.
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