LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 59: David E. Williams

Guest interviewer Greg Trout interviews David E. Williams. Since 1989 David has been a local music force that defies categorization. Equal parts singer/songwriter, crooner, mage, and prankster, his macabre tales and tunes comment on the human condition and the great wrong place in which we live. Mixing confessional and storytelling song styles, there is no one like David E. Williams. For over an hour Trout and David discuss David’s career, his place in Philadelphia, his time a purveyor of psychotronic literature as owner of Germ Bookstore, and his tastes, history, and obsessions. Supertramp gets mentions more than once.

Photos by Greg Trout.

David E. Williams’ official website






Joseph A. Gervasi

Joseph co-owns DiabolikDVD.com, programs films and events as a founding member of Exhumed Films, and is a freelance writer, reviewing films for Cinedelphia. Joseph was a founding member of the Cabbage Collective in Philadelphia and Orgasmic Productions in NJ, organizing DIY hardcore punk and spoken word shows. He also "sang" in The Orgasmic Toilet Band (TOTB). He edited NO LONGER A FANzine (NLAFz) and co-edited the later stages of Philly Zine. Gervasi co-conceived The Valerie Project with Greg Weeks.

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