LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 60: Jenna Pup of +HIRS+

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Jenna Pup of the trans queer grindcore band +HIRS+. We talk about Jenna growing up as an outsider and eventually coming to Philadelphia, where she came to an understanding of who she really is and what it would take to be that individual. We discuss gender and sexuality both in and out of the punk scene. Addressed at length is the impact of role models on young people and the responsibilities that come with being one (either by choice or by circumstance). Other subjects of discussion include the perils of substance abuse and suicide, especially among queer and trans young people; the difference between lyrical advocation of insurrectionary actions and actually engaging in them; the thriving underground community in West Philly; alcohol and the damage done; and a great deal more.

Of note: The +HIRS+ Sexxxy Flexxxi EP (2015) features a sample of Tim Dunn from my interview with him here on L!F!P!. It appears on the last track, “A Few of Our Favorite Things.”

Jenna Pup Mount Moriah B&W-0414
Jenna Pup Mount Moriah B&W-0484

Joseph A. Gervasi

Joseph co-owns DiabolikDVD.com, programs films and events as a founding member of Exhumed Films, and is a freelance writer, reviewing films for Cinedelphia. Joseph was a founding member of the Cabbage Collective in Philadelphia and Orgasmic Productions in NJ, organizing DIY hardcore punk and spoken word shows. He also "sang" in The Orgasmic Toilet Band (TOTB). He edited NO LONGER A FANzine (NLAFz) and co-edited the later stages of Philly Zine. Gervasi co-conceived The Valerie Project with Greg Weeks.

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