THE MANDATE Episode 7: 47 Meters Down

File this one under “we sat through this so you didn’t have to”. For this week’s episode of The Mandate, I got with Tony Ortolano of the infamous South Jersey mosh riffers, Dissent, and we sacrificed all good judgment with a screening of the Mandy Moore lead, 47 Meters Down. Going into this film all I knew was that Moore was the lead, it had an oddly specific depth for a title, and that it contained sharks. All of this I got from a lame cutout advertisement in which you could pose as if you were being eaten by a shark. I chalked it up as a major flop and moved on. Tony had a little more ammo as he actually watched the trailer in the afternoon leading up to the screening. Would our little amount of information and incredibly low expectations be pleasantly surprised? In short, the answer is a resounding “No”. Click play to hear exactly why we felt that way. Be advised though, we spoil the entire movie in this foul language filled episode so you should probably listen to avoid seeing it yourself. Listen, like, follow, and share, because sharing is caring.


John Wren

I am John Wren; a Delco original, and thanks to a cartoon Chihuahua (surprisingly, not the small bird), most know me only by my last name. Although people think I it’s due to self-hatred, I do actually enjoy running in ridiculous races up and down mountains and have recently ventured into the world of triathlons. I used to sing for the Jersey based metalcore band Bottomfeeder ( but am now bandless. I’m the worst Buddhist known to man and if I’m given the opportunity, I will ramble on about anything and everything at great lengths, with lots of profanity. I’ve read every Stephen King book, my favorite band of all time is White Zombie, and I will need to take a week of bereavement the day Bruce Campbell dies.

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