The Mandate: Episode 9 – ATOMIC BLONDE

What’s up, ladies and gents? We’re back with a special edition of the Mandate as we have our first female guest, my lovely wife, Dianna. Very fittingly, we went and viewed the Charlize Theron fronted, ass-kicking spy flick, Atomic Blonde. My wife and I are big fans of action films like John Wick and the Jason Bourne series, we were pumped to watch a strong female lead handle a film cut from the same cloth. The trailer, especially the red band version, that was full of sex, violence, and style had us very jazzed to see this flick but conflicting opinions await those who press play on this episode. When you are done, don’t forget to like/share/follow. Because sharing is caring.

Next week, we take a trip to Mid-World with the screen adaptation of, easily, my favorite series of books, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Stay tuned.

John Wren

I am John Wren; a Delco original, and thanks to a cartoon Chihuahua (surprisingly, not the small bird), most know me only by my last name. Although people think I it’s due to self-hatred, I do actually enjoy running in ridiculous races up and down mountains and have recently ventured into the world of triathlons. I used to sing for the Jersey based metalcore band Bottomfeeder ( but am now bandless. I’m the worst Buddhist known to man and if I’m given the opportunity, I will ramble on about anything and everything at great lengths, with lots of profanity. I’ve read every Stephen King book, my favorite band of all time is White Zombie, and I will need to take a week of bereavement the day Bruce Campbell dies.

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