TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 1- Pilot

Face front, Tomb-Believers!

Because one or two of you demanded it, here is the inaugural episode of the terrifying TOMB OF IDEAS podcast, a fortnightly exploration into the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe!

In this episodes we cover:

Suspense #7 “Dracula Lives!” (March 1951)

Amazing Spider-Man #101 “A Monster Called Morbius!” (October 1971)

Savage Tales #1 “…Man-Thing!” (May 1971)

Amazing Spider-Man #102 “Vampire At Large!” (November 1971)

Is that the dulcet tones of your hosts, TREY LAWSON and JAMES HICKSON you hear or is it perhaps the ear-shattering KA-CRACK of the Internet breaking asunder? We’ll never tell.



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Podcast Cover Art by Carl Howard.
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