TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 18 – “Voodoo Socialist Revolution”

Welcome back Comrade Tomb-Believer,


Zombies of the world, rise up! Join us as we take part in the VOODOO SOCIALIST REVOLUTION with an episode packed to the rafters with tales of the walking dead (no, not that one). We start with another mighty Marvel magazine monster from with the introduction of Simon Garth in


TALES OF THE ZOMBIE #1 (July 1973)


Then we learn to walk like an Egyptian with another Marvel Horror introduction from




We pray you come out of this one unscathed lovely listeners, because we’re all out of bandages.






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James Hickson

Before being trapped in the Tomb, James Hickson was a father and social studies teacher in Columbia, SC. His relationship with Marvel Comics began when an aunt gave him a copy of "Origins of Marvel Comics" at a young age, which has spiraled into him being kidnapped and forced to do a podcast against his will, so maybe not the best gift, huh Aunt Nell!?

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