TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 2- Are Werewolves Mutants?

Welcome back, Tomb Believers!

We’ve been bombarded with requests here at the tomb, wanting to know…nay demanding to know when we, the TOMB OF IDEAS podcast, a fortnightly exploration into the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe will start covering Marvel’s highly praised TOMB OF DRACULA. Well have no fear, fang fans, because this is it!

In this episode we cover:

Strange Tales #73  “Grottu, King of the Insects!” (February, 1960)

Marvel Spotlight #2 “Night of Full Moon — Night of Fear!” (February, 1972)

Tomb of Dracula #1 “Dracula” (April, 1972)

Astonishing Tales #12 “Terror Stalks the Everglades!” (June, 1972)


And before you werewolf fans get your hackles up, know that Jack Russell makes his first appearance in this episode as well.

Who says this isn’t the Tomb of Ideas age of podcasts?





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