TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 23 – “Pink O’Clock”

Hello again Tomb-Believers,

Rev up your choppers and watch out for surprise werewolves, because it’s time for an all-new episode of Tomb of Ideas!

Join our intrepid hosts James and Trey as they journey to the fantastic fjords of Scandinavia for

MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN #5, “The Monster Walks Among Us”!

Then take a detour to the Everglades for another exciting (and environmentally conscious) excursion with the Man-Thing in

ADVENTURE INTO FEAR #16, “Cry of the Native,”

And finally, grab your helmet and strap in because Johnny Blaze is making a death-defying leap off the pages of MARVEL SPOTLIGHT and into a solo title with


And he’s bringing newcomer Daimon Hellstrom along for the ride!

Download now – because just like Johnny Blaze after dark, this episode is on fire!




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Trey Lawson

Trey Lawson is a critic, academic, and sometimes actor who writes on topics ranging from Early Modern English Literature to genre film and pop culture. He has of late been trapped in a crypt, where he reads comics and records Tomb of Ideas: A Marvel Horror Podcast with his friend and co-host James Hickson. He's pretty sure he wears a necktie too often to be properly considered punk, but would like to think he's at least punk-adjacent.
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