TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 28 – “Giant-Size Spider-Thing”

Greetings, Tomb Believers!

This week Trey and James continue the story of everyone’s favorite dead man walking, Simon Garth, in TALES OF THE ZOMBIE #2. This black and white mag features not one but four brand new stories of horror and the macabre, plus prose pieces by writers such as Chris Claremont and Tony Isabella!

Then, as if that weren’t enough, they conclude the thrilling origin of Marvel’s latest super-powered sorcerer Brother Voodoo in STRANGE TALES #170.

Join us, if you dare – but watch out for murderous mutant spider women!



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Trey Lawson

Trey Lawson is a critic, academic, and sometimes actor who writes on topics ranging from Early Modern English Literature to genre film and pop culture. He has of late been trapped in a crypt, where he reads comics and records Tomb of Ideas: A Marvel Horror Podcast with his friend and co-host James Hickson. He's pretty sure he wears a necktie too often to be properly considered punk, but would like to think he's at least punk-adjacent.
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