TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 29 – “Last Survivors”

Greetings, Tomb Believers!

It’s Halloween 2019, which marks one full year of TOMB OF IDEAS! To celebrate, James and Trey are discussing the October 1973 issues of some past favorite titles. First up is WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #10, which continues the story of Jack Russell’s clash with the sewer-dwelling villain Sarnak!
Next, in ADVENTURE INTO FEAR #17 Man-Thing encounters Wundarr, the last son of Dakkam.
Finally, in the newly retitled THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER, our eponymous protagonist finally arrives at Castle Frankenstein.

Thank you again to everyone who has listened, liked, and subscribed throughout the past year. Trey and James couldn’t do this without all of you (well, they could – but it would require far more torture on my part, and that would simply be unpleasant). As always, you can send any comments, questions, or other feedback to, our Facebook page, or you can follow us on Twitter @TombofIdeas.



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Trey Lawson

Trey Lawson is a critic, academic, and sometimes actor who writes on topics ranging from Early Modern English Literature to genre film and pop culture. He has of late been trapped in a crypt, where he reads comics and records Tomb of Ideas: A Marvel Horror Podcast with his friend and co-host James Hickson. He's pretty sure he wears a necktie too often to be properly considered punk, but would like to think he's at least punk-adjacent.
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