TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 3-“Welcome to Gatorland”

Welcome back, Tomb Believers!

Every now and then at the tomb, we’ll get a message from you, our lovely listeners, asking us when we plan to do a shameless movie tie-in like some of those other podcast producers out there. Well, look alive cinephiles, because in this episode we cover:

Tales to Astonish #13 “I Challenged Groot! the monster from Planet X” (November 1960)

Marvel Spotlight #3 “The Thing in the Cellar!” (May 1972)

Tomb of Dracula #2 “The Fear Within” (May 1972)

Astonishing Tales #13 “Man-Thing!” (August 1972)



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Podcast Cover Art by Carl Howard.

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James Hickson

Before being trapped in the Tomb, James Hickson was a father and social studies teacher in Columbia, SC. His relationship with Marvel Comics began when an aunt gave him a copy of "Origins of Marvel Comics" at a young age, which has spiraled into him being kidnapped and forced to do a podcast against his will, so maybe not the best gift, huh Aunt Nell!?

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