TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 32- “Rotting Away in MargueritaVille”

Greetings, Tomb Believers!

Prepare yourself fellow Marvel Horrorphiles for the shock ending you never saw coming (except you probably did) as
Jack Russell hangs with the Hangman in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #11
Dracula find in religion in TOMB OF DRACULA #14
and the monster visits Transylvania in THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER #7
Plus, we have the latest update to our wildly popular Hellstrom Watch segment and your listener feedback!

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James Hickson

Before being trapped in the Tomb, James Hickson was a father and social studies teacher in Columbia, SC. His relationship with Marvel Comics began when an aunt gave him a copy of "Origins of Marvel Comics" at a young age, which has spiraled into him being kidnapped and forced to do a podcast against his will, so maybe not the best gift, huh Aunt Nell!?

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