TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 6- Man-Thing’s Guide to Redneck Parenting

Welcome back, Tomb Believers!


It’s  the start of a new year here in the tomb, but we ain’t forgettin’ nothin’ with the rolluckin’ return of the meandering muck known as MAN-THING, now headlining his (it’s?) very own title with :

Adventure into Fear #10 “Man-Thing!” (October 1972)

Meanwhile, that flaming phantom, who’s one tire short of a tricycle, GHOST RIDER returns in

Marvel Spotlight #6 “Angels from Hell!” (October 1972)

Everyone’s favorite Fang-Daddy continues his journey through the Black Mirror (not that one) in

Tomb of Dracula #5 “Death to a Vampire-Slayer!” (November 1972)

And we finally meet JACK RUSSELL’s…girlfriend!?…in

Werewolf By Night #2 “The Hunter — and the Hunted!” (November 1972)

Put it all together and you have all the MARVEL HORROR goodness you need to start the year off right.




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