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The Ten Most Underrated Emo Records of All Time

Ah, emo. The most fractious word in the history of the language of punk rock, a genre that has room for such delineations as “oogle,” “egg-punk,” “trash viper,” and “dumpster diver”; for such genre differentiation as “hardcore,” “slowcore,” “post-proto punk,” and “art punk” has often had a difficult time accepting what it considers its most derogatory nomenclature: emo. At this point, everyone knows that emo is short for emocore, which is short for emotional hardcore. It might have been slung as an insult towards hardcore punk bands of the mid-80s who chose to take an artier, dare I say it,
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WEIRD LIKE US: Five Comics for Fan’s of FX’s LEGION

As Marvel Comics’ cinematic universe continues to fly to more otherworldly places, where every obscure and miniscule character in their oeuvre is if not already on the big or small screen, rumored to be coming soon to a theater, television, or streaming app near you. A lot of what gets lost in this bold new era or CGI, leather biking pants and hammy dialog is the essence of the characters they’re portraying. This is because the true essence of the characters lie in-between the flimsy, 22 page pulp rags that spawned them: comic books. But we’re past all that, aren’t
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