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Did THE LAST DANCE Make Me Like Basketball?

I have always found it easiest to write about something I’m passionate about. That means whenever a superhero movie comes along, I usually have some opinions on them. They’re fun to talk about and a lot of people are generally interested in them. But I feel sometimes that sells my taste a little short, because I love compelling stories, and I get that from watching lots of different media. I love dramas, I love comedies, I love animation (y’all seen Steven Universe? It’s great), I love movies, I love television. I’ll give any genre and form a shot, as long
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What is the Snyder Cut?

If you’ve been on Twitter over the past two and a half years, then you may have come across the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. For those of you with lives, let me regale you. In 2017, Zack Snyder stepped down as the director of Justice League after the suicide of his daughter Autumn Snyder, and the film was handed over to Joss Whedon to complete reshoots that had been ordered by the studio. These reshoots ended up being rather extensive; well over half the movie was reshot and retooled in some way, from cut characters to digitally removed mustaches. The resulting film
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