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CINE-WEEN: Halloween Hallucinations

Ken Russell directed Gothic. No one seems to talk about it, and as of right now, there is still only a bare bones dvd release of it available. Mr. Russell is infamous for his controversial Catholic orgy arthouse period possession film, The Devils, and you might even have some mention his drug mind adventure, Altered States. Where is the Gothic talk? I’ll start right here since it’s a movie that is part of my Halloween liturgical celebration and part of my heart that loves cinema (which is all of my heart).  
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The holy day of Halloween is violent, sexual, surreal, weird, rebellious, bizarre and scary. Real life horror is terrifying and can leave mental scars that breed panic disorder, depression, and depersonalization. Let us now take a ride into a hated outcast film that combines all of those worlds. I definitely think it’s time you heard another view of a film that either isn’t spoken about or that is spoken about inappropriately. Children of Samhain, I welcome you to the 2nd Halloween film from director and writer Rob Zombie.  
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Films From The Void: PRIVATE PARTS (1972)

FILMS FROM THE VOID is a journey through junk bins, late night revivals, under seen recesses and reject piles as we try to find forgotten gems and lesser known classics. Join us as we lose our minds sorting through the strange, the sleazy, the sincere and the slop from the past and try to make sense of it all. When I can talk about a movie that not many people know about, it gives me this drug-high rush. Now, when I can talk about a movie that not many people know about that was directed by someone that a lot
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