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We Are Here To Love The Wrong People And Die: Romance and Mortality in MOONSTRUCK

After the passing of legendary actor Danny Aiello in December of 2019, any film fan’s Twitter timeline rightfully exploded in remembrances. From critical hits like Do The Right Thing and The Godfather: Part II to cult classics like Hudson Hawk, the man had a career that touched fans of every genre.  Including, as I was surprised to realize, romance nerds. I will not lie– the 1987 Oscar®-winning rom-com Moonstruck (written by John Patrick Shanley and directed by Norman Jewison) is my favorite film, completely unironically, and I was surprised at how many of my Twitter friends also held the movie
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Cine-Ween: The Twin Seductions of Romance and Horror

The door that creaks; the echoing footfall. A chiming grandfather clock in the hall. It’s the root of so many horror books and films that we rarely give attention to it:  The house, the home, the center of a woman’s life for thousands and thousands of years. When one begins to tackle the tropes of what I think of as “domestic horror”– specifically, a woman being both physically and psychologically harmed, at home, by a partner or entity– it’s the home and family setting that makes the story all the more threatening.  It has left me to wonder: on the
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