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Inspiration, Creation and Sharing: VARDA BY AGNES Review

At the start of Agnes Varda’s final film, Varda By Agnes, she sits before a captive audience and lists off the three words that “guide” her life and work: Inspiration, Creation and Sharing. Even if you’re coming to her work for the first time with this film, it’s easy to see where each word fits into her body of work as well as her spirited and humbling outlook on life. Assembled through footage from a series of live audience talks that Varda gave regarding her career as well as numerous clips from her films and other fun surprises, Varda By
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Cine-Ween: Sequel Harvest: The CHILDREN OF THE CORN Series

Following the successful 1984 theatrical release of the Stephen King short story adaptation Children of the Corn, which earned nearly 15 million dollars domestic on an eight-hundred-thousand-dollar budget, we were treated to an onslaught of sequels, the majority of which were released direct-to-video. By a wide margin the longest-running feature film series based on King’s work, even the first film was not highly regarded by critics or even fans at the time of release. Still, its box office success would lead to one more theatrically released film in Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice before another seven direct-to-video
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This Guy Is Like The Terminator: THE MARINE Franchise

  When WWE Films released The Marine in 2006, it failed to even earn back its modest $20 million budget at the domestic box office. It was by no means great cinema; even as a generic B-grade action picture, it had its shortcomings, mostly due to the restrictions of its unfortunate PG-13 rating. But it earned an audience on home video — much like the films it attempted to emulate did decades prior — due to its famous wrestler star, John Cena, and some good, old fashioned jingoism, which was in fashion in the mid-2000s. Flash forward thirteen years later
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