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Convenience Store Cinema: Critters (CINE-WEEN)

Late one night, I went into a 7-11 with the sole objective of buying a stiff bottle of Nyquil and a pair of stale taquitos; I had whatever chest cold was going around and I wasn’t about to wait to eat a meal. The clerk was fumbling through a pile of change a customer had just laid out on the counter for a pack of Pall Malls, so I decided to pass the time by perusing through their forever desolate used DVD bin. I never expect to find anything worth watching in this area. Anyone who does must be in
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TIME BANDITS or: Existential Horrors Disguised as A Children’s Film

A child’s mind is a fragile piece of material. This is a hard truth we can all agree on. It’s a suggestive slab of play-dough that can either be molded into something wonderful, or it can end up as a crusty skid mark embedded in the carpet. The mind can be altered by something as simple as a movie. Sometimes it’s a movie that makes someone question not only the mysteries of the universe but the meaning of life in general. In my case, this film was Time Bandits. Lets go back to a simpler time. Simpler for myself anyway,
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