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Yo, what’s up? So I meant to have one of these things done in October, but I spent my time not watching a single horror movie or doing anything fall related, so I didn’t get around to not seeing any other movies, either. Anyway, fall is a great time to reflect on some good ol’ nostalgia for the teenage parties you never went to and the fun you never had. Here’s five teen movies that I’ve never seen but feel like I know well enough to review anyway. Fast Times at Ridgemont High: This is a documentary about the Fast
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Kevin Hare Talks Movies He Hasn’t Seen- 80s Edition!

EDITORS NOTE: WELCOME FAITHFUL CINEPUNKERS TO THE FIRST INSTALLMENT OF KEVIN HARE TALKS MOVIES HE HASN’T SEEN! Kevin Hare is well known in the Philadelphia hardcore scene for his intelligence, pro wrestling acumen, love of ginger ale, and his band DOUBLEDEALER (just kidding, he wouldn’t stoop so low). Kevin loves hearing about movies, and he’s heard about lots and lots of them. But I mean, come on, who has time to actually watch them all? NOT KEV! He has watched the trailers though, and from those trailers he has a PRETTY good idea of what those films are about, and
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