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VIRGIN BLACKTOP: A New York Skate Odyssey

Virgin Blacktop is a documentary focusing on the East Coast skate crew who dubbed themselves The Wizards. Beginning in the mid ’70s in the NYC suburbs (namely Spark Hill), director Charlie Samuels weaves a web of how the group came to form. He introduces the skaters using such light-hearted superlatives as “first skateboarder in Nyack.” Early on, the film captures the true essence of a group of teenagers finding what they’re passionate about and bonding over it. But it quickly evolves into a gripping narrative of what can happen in a contained environment where individuals are continually pushing and inspiring
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CINE-WEEN – Martin: The Only Vampire Film That Really Matters

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of vampire films (okay, Let Me In was tight), but one staple of every October horror list for me is George A. Romero’s often-overlooked 1978 film, Martin; the film that the director himself credits as being his favorite of his movies. At this point in Romero’s career, he’d already churned out Night of the Living Dead (the film that launched a thousand imitators), The Crazies (the remake does not hold up) and Season of the Witch (solid, but fairly forgettable). Later that year, Romero would go on to release Dawn of the Dead, another near-perfect entry in the
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Liam: The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival just finished its third year of presenting the latest in genre film to an eager audience in Center City Philly. Started in 2016 by Madeleine Koestner and Alex Gardner, PUFF seeks to fill the perceived void left by the end of the always amazing Danger After Dark series at Philadelphia Film Festival. Now, this is the first year Cinepunx, and by extension I, have made the effort to cover this fest, and I admit I went in skeptical. There have been many folks laboring away in Philly trying to represent genre film exhibition, as
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