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Live By Night: See It & Live With Regret

Guys, we need to talk about Ben*. No! Not Ben Stiller or Ben Foster. I’m talking about Hollywood’s golden son, the other Ben…Ben Affleck (aka THEE Batman). There’s no other way to put this: This guy has lost his marbles.   After seeing, Ben Affleck’s 65 million dollar flick Live By Night, it is clear that this old sport has gone off the deep end. There is no other explanation for his wonky script other than that he has bat on the brain. I suppose there could be other reasons, but my theory is: this guy forgot which script he
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Nocturnal Animals: The One I Should Have Walked Out On

“Film Director”, Tom Ford (seriously, this can’t be his real name) once said: “I had a tiny bit of fashion training, but not really. I had no formal training as a film director either.” Old Sport, I think it is time you enroll yourself in some film classes because you have no idea what in the hell you are doing. Maybe I know nothing about movies. Maybe my film degree should be burned because it means nothing. Maybe I should have my head examined. “Film Critics” gave this thing rave reviews. It was purchased for $20 million dollars, the highest
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