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Out of Step: HUSH (now on Netflix)

Hush is a horror film that Netflix has recently bestowed upon the masses—the masses that are eager to watch another survival horror film set to the backdrop of nihilism. Nothing matters, as Maddie, the protagonist with “writer brain” (that is, a mind that peeks at a plot and imagines all possible endings, choosing the best one to put on paper), transitions from scrambling to finish her latest novel to scrambling to defeat an unnamed assailant before he kills her. Essentially, a masked stranger descends upon Maddie’s home, tucked away in the woods, and proceeds to carry out his undisclosed plan
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the first edition of our new series, OUT OF STEP. Cinepunx has been lucky to feature some interesting and creative writing around film and music on the site, yet we have never featured current film reviews. We intentionally avoided this kind of writing for two reasons. One was because there are so many film websites that cover new films already, and quite well at that ( CINAPSE, BIRTH MOVIES DEATH, SCREENCRUSH). The second one is that we discuss new films on the podcast, so why repeat material? Finally though, one of our major motivations was simply
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