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“I Can’t Believe We Just Melvined Death!”: A Look at Horror and Existentialism in BILL AND TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY

Released on July 19, 1991, BILL AND TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY is a lively and self-reflective experience for cinema fans to this day If there’s one thing I can’t stand about film elitists, it’s that they continually insist on paying no mind to fun. The idea that a film’s worth is based on its seriousness, or that its seriousness somehow makes it more profound, is detrimental to the study of film. Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is to place an emphasis on the distinction between film lover and film elitist, with the former expressing an interest in pulling out
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THEY CAME FROM THE 90’s – Reflections on a Complicated Decade, Part 1

DISCLAIMER: This series is shamelessly inspired by the bravura podcast, 80’S ALL OVER, hosted by Drew McWeeny and Scott Weinberg ( If you have not heard of that podcast, do yourself a favor and start bingeing like your life depends on it. THE MISSION: Beginning with January of 1990, we’re exploring each and every month of the formative cinematic decade known as – The 1990’s. I’ll discuss my favorite film of the month, my least favorite film of the month, and the film that desperately needs rediscovering. Hopefully, it’ll encourage you to check out some lost gems, or check back
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