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Women in Horror Month: Discovering WHAT METAL GIRLS ARE INTO With Laurel Vail

Women in Horror Month (WiHM) is an international, grassroots initiative, which encourages supporters to learn about and showcase the underrepresented work of women in the horror industries. Whether they are on the screen, behind the scenes, or contributing in their other various artistic ways, it is clear that women love, appreciate, and contribute to the horror genre. More information is available at the WiHM website.   It’s a setup sure to be familiar to genre-savvy viewers: a group of friends decide to get away for a weekend and wind up somewhere curiously isolated. The locals don’t exactly give them a
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Hong Kong-A-Thon: Interview with Grady Hendrix

Although he’s only been at it a little over three years, Grady Hendrix’s movie marathons have become a talking point amongst genre film fanatics. Commanding a presence with his loud, boisterous voice, and often dressed in a smashing white suit, Grady was made for this. He rushes out in front of the still-adjusting eyes of the audience, pouncing on the energy of the former film and setting expectations for whatever footnote in genre history he has in store next. Having hosted two ’80s and one ’70s marathons, next in Grady’s sights is something closest to his heart: Hong Kong cinema.
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Microbudget Horror Royalty Todd Sheets and His Much Anticipated Werewolf Gorefest

If you are interested in low budget film and/or independent horror, it’s likely that the name Todd Sheets is not a new one for you. Sheets has 46 director credits and 44 writer credits on IMDb, not to mention a slew of other credits as an editor, producer, actor, etc. His 1993 Zombie Bloodbath tends to be the title most folks have heard of, but his recent releases Dreaming Purple Neon and House of Forbidden Secrets have gained quite the following. Longtime fans know that he has fought through serious health concerns over the past several years, so his heart
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