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Found on @Fandor CINE-WEEN Edition: SEYTAN

Those crazy Turks and their oddball horror ripoffs, right?!?! Well, maybe you don’t know much about Turkish horror and that’s okay. Long before they scared the shit out of us all with Baskin, they simply shit on us all with their awful “remakes” of popular American horror films. Over at one of the other 37 sites I write for (I think it’s only 4, but it feels like 37), I discussed this weird practice from the 50s through the 80s where the Turks ripped off the US horror greats. In an article entitled “I’m Not a Chicken, You’re A Turkey:
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Found on @Fandor: A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM

With the upcoming release of Now You See Me 2, what could be a better that finding a lesser known Michael Caine film on Fandor? A simple search for Michael Caine on Fandor yielded 3 results: 1975 romantic comedy The Romantic Englishwoman, 1979 cult film Ashanti, and 1990 dark comedy A Shock to the System. You know him as Alfred Pennyworth, Nigel Powers (Austin’s Dad, of course), Jack Carter, Charlie Croker (later portrayed by Mark Wahlberg), Ebenezer Scrooge, that crazy old man Jasper from Children of Men, and countless other roles; but, there’s a good chance you don’t know him
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(Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first edition of our new column, FOUND ON FANDOR! The concept it simple, Fandor is a streaming service focused on a love for cinema. Imagine Netflix, but filled with rare and wonderful films from all over the world. So like, you know, good. This first edition written by awesome friend of the site Justin Harlan focuses on the film Straight to Hell. Coincidentally there was an amazing piece on this very film over at BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. that you can find here! We are not usually in the business of promoting other websites BUT this piece is really
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