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RUNNING ON STREAM: Battling Winter Blues Edition

Welcome to a shiny new edition of RUNNING ON STREAM. Sorry for the delay: this column is designed, quite purposefully, to be easy to do so that it can come out regularly. However, I have a new and wonderful aspect to my life, my beautiful daughter Maeve. She is a little over a month old, and is succeeding at teaching me how little I know about life and adulthood and how to accomplish tasks in the world. Still, I was able to jump on this very late edition of what is inscrutably my most popular writing effort because the northeastern
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RUNNING ON STREAM- Holiday Edition!

Friends, welcome to the first installment of RUNNING ON STREAM. Ok, full disclosure, this is not the first installment. Not at all. This column started over at, the awesome site I first started writing for. If Cinepunx didn’t take up so much of my time, I would still be writing for them, especially cause when I wrote for them regularly I got SO MANY FREE MOVIES! Life is crazy though, and I have not had time to do much. This column though was one I wanted from the beginning to bring over to Cinepunx. It is not deep, it
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