CINEPUNX Episode 94: LOVE (’15) and CLIMAX(’18)- Our Gaspar Noe Episode


We hope you are as unbelievably excited as we are to bring this action packed episode! On this contentious installment we get INTO IT talking about French provocateur Gaspar Noe. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he a misunderstood artist, an annoying edge Lord, or a gimmick utilizing scammer or ALL OF THE ABOVE? Get ready for a ton of opinions and almost no answer here on our 94th episode!

We spend a chunk of time gushing about our awesome listeners and supporters, as well as asking you to come to and tell people about our film event on March 18th!

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SOUND NOTES: Haven’t had to do this in awhile, but something went wrong with Josh’s sound on his side. So, while my sound is buttery smooth, Josh’s is a little rough. Honestly, you might not notice his is a little rough if not for the fact that mine turned out so seriously good. Anyway, it is listenable, and we will figure it out for our next episode. Honestly, I only make not of it so you all don’t feel obligated to let me know on Twitter. Thanks tho!

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