Basically, we love Federal Donuts! So we asked if we could get free food if we talked about them on the show, and they said yes! Sick! Then I forgot to email them before we recorded. So we actually paid for these donuts. OOOPS!! Anyway, they are still great!

This episode we sit down with Jeff Ziga, co-owner/founder of Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and Philly punk personality!


Jeff has been in a glut of bands, many of which we discuss on the show like Affirmative Action Jackson, Knives Out, and Armalite. Jeff also worked for This Is Hardcore Fest for 3 years and for R5 Productions for I dunno how long!

The episode is kind of all over the place. We start off talking about Jeff’s various bands, and then we move into our usual discussion of Wack and On Track! Then we get into our space movies discussion, which comes from see Interstellar recently and because Josh saw 2001: A Space Odyssey on 70mm. To be fair, we just enjoy each other’s company so much that the discussion ranges all over the place. Liam mentions how parts of Les Miserables makes him cry. Jeff discusses senior week, pot brownies, and Event Horizon. Josh gets into a story about farting in a space simulator. Things get a little crazy. We spend the whole time eating donuts, and then name dropping other brands we want free stuff from including Red Wings and Relapse Records.
I think Jeff had a good time.


Big surprise, there are some sound issues, and trying to fix them actually made some of them a little worse. Basically we have been playing with the input levels for the mics, trying to cut down on blow out or on echo. In this case, Liam’s mic has an echo issue, and then later all three mics get a little weird. Nothing awful really, but if you are looking for us to crack the sound code, we have not yet done that.

In fact, if you have any idea how to help us, please let us know. The issue seems to be either our equipment, which is basically 3 usb mics in a laptop and recording with Kristal; or just poor operating by us. Either way we would love your insight or your affordable sound equipment so we can update our set up. We also mention toward the end of the episode that we are looking for new guests. That is for real, and hit us up to be on!!

Big thanks to Jeff for being on the show, if you have not yet had Little Baby’s Ice Cream do your taste buds a favor and get some ASAP!


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Liam O'Donnell is co-creator and co-host of the Cinepunx podcast and Editor in Chief of the Cinepunx website. Liam has written about film, music, politics and faith for a variety of publications in real life and online. Despite his advanced age he can be seen moshing in the greater Philadelphia area, usually to a cover song. He can be seen sitting in the audience at the newest comic book film, the retro drive-in screening of a Fulci film, or catching a series of Jodorowsky films. Liam has worked in social services, events planning, arts curation, education, community organizing, faith communities, and scooping ice cream. He has worked with festivals like This Is Hardcore Fest and The Awesome Fest. Despite all these things, Cinepunx is definitely the coolest thing he has ever done.
Liam O'Donnell
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