PHILLY: FREE FIRE ( Ben Wheatley) Ticket Give Away

Let’s just say it up front: Ben Wheatley is just great! KILL LIST, A FIELD IN ENGLAND, HIGH RISE; Dude has directed some of the best genre films of the past 10 years. So, when we got the opportunity to give away free passes to his latest, FREE FIRE, we jumped at the opportunity.

The screening is on Thursday, April 13th at 730pm at the Ritz East. Email us at We will randomly choose winners (you and a friend) and let you know by Wednesday next week!

Look, this movie looks great. Brie Larson is awesome. This looks like an explosion of fun and violence, the exact kind of genre crazyness we love here.

Now look, this is what we want:

  1. email us and tell us why you should get tickets
  2. tell all your friends because, if we don’t give away all these passes they won’t hook us up again. So hit us up

That is it! Of course, if you would also follow us on social media and all the rest, that would be cool!!



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