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BAFF 2018: AMAZON HOT BOX Blends Every Women-in-Prison Movie Ever

“An American college student named Penny is erroneously apprehended during a dissident round-up in the banana republic of Rattica. She is incarcerated into the island penal system overseen by Wardress Von Krupp who is constructing the world’s greatest information extractor. Crocodiles, religious zealots, psycho inmates and voodoo-based experiments block her every escape. Life is cheap and the jungle explodes in Amazon Hot Box.” Director James Bickert follows up his mad scientist/biker picture Frankenstein Created Bikers with the relatively straightforward women-in-prison homage Amazon Hot Box. The big deal about this movie is that it was evidently shot in secret, then unleashed
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BAFF 2018: DEAD BY MIDNIGHT (11PM CENTRAL) is One Hell of a Midnight Movie

“It’s Halloween at WKIZ when the malicious Mistress of Midnight (Erin Brown) arrives to host her annual horror movie marathon ‘Dead by Midnight’. When the WKIZ staff begins disappearing only to turn up in the increasingly darker films, it’s up to line producer Candice Spelling (Hannah Fierman) to stop the Mistress of Midnight before her final and most diabolical film goes to air.” There’s really no better film to screen at midnight than a horror anthology, is there? It keeps the usually raucous audience on their toes, and by presenting a series of stories with a wraparound means that everyone
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BAFF 2018: Scandanavian Shorts

Looking through the schedule for this year’s Buried Alive Film Festival 2018, I was struck by the fact that there was a solid handful of shorts from Scandinavia. There’s the Finnish Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre, the Dutch Netflix and Chill, and the Norweigian Rosalina. So, I watched all of them in one afternoon, looking for a pattern or a connection. I didn’t find much of one, aside from the fact that all three were brilliantly shot, with each short having well-done cinematography which uniquely defines each visually. They were also uniformly entertaining and well worth seeking out as soon as you’re
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