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REVIEW: OVERLORD Offers a Fresh Take on War and the Undead

“The thousand-year Reich needs thousand-year soldiers.” Cinematic retellings of World War II have reached a recent caliber with bilingual revenge in Inglourious Basterds, tank hellfire in Fury and the beach evacuations of Dunkirk. The opening of Overlord lulls the audience into a sense of expectation with the nervous banter of soldiers, trading jokes and insults as they huddle in their transports, only for the scene to explode into claustrophobic chaos. The real sense of dread begins with the centering of Jovan Adepo as the film’s lead, crawling out of the mud and ashes of the explosive opening. The isolation surrounding Private
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For the record, I had to take a few deep breaths before I sat down to write about The Cloverfield Paradox. You know, to calm myself down a wee bit. And I had to watch it twice. But I’m ready. IT’S A NEW CLOVERFIELD MOVIE! OK, that’s out of my system now. Please understand that I love this franchise. From that riling, creepy, nameless teaser in the summer of 2007 to the viral videos, to the surprise announcements to yet even more surprise announcements, it’s like J.J. Abrams found that raw nerve inside my soul that hungers for fan theories and
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