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Killer Musings, Part 2: Interview With Mink Stole

For over 50 years, Mink Stole has been a regular member of Dreamland, the close-knit and dedicated team of actors and production crew who have worked tirelessly to help bring the work of cult filmmaker John Waters to life. From the early, bare bones 8mm and 16mm shorts and infamous “trash trilogy” Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble and Desperate Living, to the pop-culture phenomenon-launching Hairspray and everything before, after and between, Mink Stole won the hearts of cult film fans with scene-stealing ease. On May 9, Serial Mom, Waters’ wickedly funny 1994 send-up of true crime, gets the deluxe collector’s edition
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Killer Musings: A Look Back at SERIAL MOM

For many years, filmmaker John Waters spent his leisure time traveling the United States, stopping from city to city and eagerly hopping from one court date to another; not on trial, but as spectator. A self-described “crime hag,” Waters viewed criminal trials as a kind of elaborate theater. The often surreal circumstances of many of the cases, as well as the high drama of prosecution vs. defense and the curious public interest in the alleged criminals on trial, made a perfect showing of camp spectacle and bizarre farce. Waters shrewdly recognized the potential for a story and wrote Serial Mom,
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From the Stereo to Your Screen: Rachel Sweet & Hairspray

“Hairspray,” by Rachel Sweet, from Hairspray Despite its many iterations — musical, movie musical, live televised musical — John Waters’ original version of Hairspray, released in 1988, remains the best. Now, I’m a fan of musicals, and I’ll admit the Tony-winning Broadway version is pretty damned solid, with opening number, “Good Morning Baltimore,” being the best of the bunch. I’ll even cut some slack to “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” despite it being almost insipidly cloying. That said, Waters’ film is just so perfectly bizarre and fun and joyous, with a perfect selection of Cameo Parkway R&B sides soundtracking everything.
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