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Horror Fan Parenting 101: A Guide to One Dad’s Halloween Programming

Let me begin away from the parenting discussion with my own definitions of “horror.” I define horror very broadly. Is a film trying to scare you? It’s horror. Does it feature numerous horror tropes? It’s horror. Does it embody the spirit of horror or feature generally spooky things? It’s horror. I could do this for hours… For me, horror spans from extreme cinema like the American Guinea Pig series to the classic episodes of Scooby Doo. If it’s horror adjacent, if it’s a horror mashup, if it prominently features classic monsters, no matter the case — it’s horror to me.
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Yo, what’s up? So I meant to have one of these things done in October, but I spent my time not watching a single horror movie or doing anything fall related, so I didn’t get around to not seeing any other movies, either. Anyway, fall is a great time to reflect on some good ol’ nostalgia for the teenage parties you never went to and the fun you never had. Here’s five teen movies that I’ve never seen but feel like I know well enough to review anyway. Fast Times at Ridgemont High: This is a documentary about the Fast
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