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DEMENTER: A Review By Justin Lore

Trauma can be a difficult thing to escape, and even if we remove ourselves from the environment it occurred in it can follow us and affect us long after the trauma itself is gone. Dementer is a stark examination of the lingering wounds that result from past trauma, and how those wounds never really heal. Dementer is the story of Katie, a woman with something of a secret past. We never learn the exact details of her life prior to the events of the film, and all we do know is told through brief and chaotic flashbacks, but we see
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(CINE-WEEN) THE MIND’S EYE: Psychokinetics Gone Wild

Much like in the classic 1981 Cronenberg sci-fi/horror, Scanners, The Mind’s Eye is a film about the exploration of psychokinetic powers. In fact, the science fiction thriller recently released on home video is much like Scanners in many ways. Film School Rejects even dubbed it “the best Scanners sequel we never got.” The story focuses on Zack Connors (Graham Skipper), an incredibly powerful psychokinetic whom seems to oft find himself a fugitive because of his abilities. In lieu of a prison sentence or other ramifications, Dr. Michael Slovak (John Speredakos) convinces him to join in a study, luring him into
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