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THIS JUSTIN: Let’s Talk About Lovecraft’s Racism

Few figures in the realm of horror fiction cast a shadow like that of H.P. Lovecraft. His influence can be felt in almost every medium of entertainment. Lyrics inspired by his writing can be found everywhere from death metal classics such as Morbid Angel’s Altars Of Madness to Metallica’s magnum opus Master Of Puppets. Stephen King, the modern titan of horror fiction, cites Lovecraft as one of his biggest influences, and references to Lovecraft can be found peppered through his work. Supernatural, one of the longest running television shows in history, is packed with nods to Lovecraft. At the end
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THIS JUSTIN: A Retrospective Of Brian Lumley’s NECROSCOPE Saga

Welcome to THIS JUSTIN, a column dedicated to my love of all things weird and spooky. Each week I’ll be taking you on a deep dive into something creepy and/or crawly and talking your ear off about why I love it so much. Spoilers ahead, so heads up. In 1999, a young filmmaker named M. Night Shyamalan broke onto the scene with his debut full length, The Sixth Sense, in which a young boy seeks the help of a child therapist to deal with the increasingly horrifying visions he is having. The boy’s mother thinks he’s suffering from some kind of
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