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CINE-WEEN: Inspired by the Motion Picture

The year is 2001. You walk into a record store with roughly 10 bucks in your pocket that you’ve saved by not eating lunch at school for a few days. You have one goal, stretch this 10 bucks and walk out of this Sam Goody with as much music as possible. Would it be nice to leave with a new album? Sure, but those usually run you anywhere from 15 to 20 bucks. You can’t go two weeks without food, and your neighbor doesn’t need their lawn mowed for the third time this month. You have one viable option and
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ANALOG ADVENTURES: Looking at Run Out Groove

I get a lot of random records, tapes, and books in the mail, because publicists forget that outlets for which I used to work aren’t around anymore, or someone finds the address hidden on my website, or… whatever. This is a way to keep them from piling up uselessly in the corner of the office. Run Out Groove is a cool company who sends me everything they press, and since the site I used to write for is now no longer operational in that capacity, there has been a huge pile of their last few (half-dozen) releases piling up on
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From the Stereo to Your Screen: Ministry & A.I.

“What About Us?” by Ministry from A.I.: Artificial Intelligence There have been numerous pieces over the years since the 2001 release of  A.I., debating whether or not Steven Spielberg’s direction was inappropriate for the work begun by Stanley Kubrick. Based on Brian Aldiss’ story, “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long,” the film is about a boy robot, David, who is the replacement child for a couple whose young son is in suspended animation due to a disease without a cure. A cure is found, the “real” child is cured, and David is abandoned in the woods with his robotic companion, Teddy.
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