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FILMS FROM THE VOID: Aliens Invade Tulsa in 1986’s MUTILATIONS

Over the last week or so, I’ve watched writer/director Larry Thomas’ 1986 movie, Mutilations, twice, as well as digging into every single extra on Massacre Video’s 2016 DVD release. It’s been an experience, certainly. I bought the DVD on a whim when the Lawrence location of the entertainment chain, Hastings, was going out of business. Everything was discounted, and I basically raided the horror section for anything that seemed even passably interesting. The Mutilations DVD sat on a shelf for a while until I wanted to watch something weird and, ideally, short. Sometimes, you just need a movie that’ll take
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The Mahoning Drive-In’s 2017 Season: Best Bets

For nearly 70 years, the Mahoning Drive-In has brought screenings under the stars to the denizens of the Lehigh Valley. Thanks to recent partnerships with the likes of Exhumed Films, and a desire to “deliver you a true love of film, filmmaking, and the nostalgic moviegoing experience you can only get at the drive-in,” the drive-in brings everything from obscure cult films to beloved favorites to their CinemaScope screen. As their 2017 season soon gets underway, we took a look at what’s been announced for the first few months, and give you a few tips as to the more obscure
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