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The Pasolini Project: A Journey Into Pasolini, PART 2: MAMMA ROMA

This is The Pasolini Project, a monthly discussion series from Adrianna Gober and Doug Tilley delving into a vast body of work that, until relatively recently, had not been widely available on home video: the films of director, poet, journalist, and philosopher, Pier Paolo Pasolini. We’ll be exploring Pasolini’s filmography in chronological order, taking occasional detours through his staggeringly extensive artistic efforts outside of film, as well as the work of his collaborators and other related media. For Part Two of our deep dive into all things Pasolini, we’re packing our bags and heading to Rome for a look at
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The Pasolini Project: A Journey Into Pasolini, PART 1: ACCATTONE

One of the most exciting, stimulating, and fulfilling aspects of film appreciation lies in the journey of discovery it often entails. This journey encompasses a variety of experiences, from the personal — the anxious thrill of taking a chance on an unfamiliar film on the strength of its cover art, or a long-desired Holy Grail finally appearing within reach — to the communal; that familiar, transportive act of sitting in a packed theater and immersing ourselves, together, in another place and time. Film industry trends might shift, and formats might fade into obsolescence as the ways to watch movies continue
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