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Review: MEDIAS RES-Impressive Micro-Budget Neo-Noir

Dave, in debt to his roommate Joe, finds himself caught in the middle of an escalating series of crimes in the aptly titled neo-noir Medias Res. Dave is something of a would-be salesman, offering all sorts of wares from the trunk of his car. Unable to pay back his drug dealing roommate Joe, he is trapped as a kind of indentured servant accompanying Joe on various criminal endeavors. As Dave is drawn deeper into the underworld of Oakland, he becomes embroiled in a scheme that somehow involves Summer Hayes, the star of his favorite TV show, as well as the
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CINE-WEEN: Watching Otto Preminger’s LAURA

When you study film in a class, you return to iconic scenes to demonstrate terms, themes, and technical knowledge. Turning again and again to iconic reveals, these scenes become teaching moments, divorced from the full context of their containing films. The international archive of YouTube allows for the return to an image or sequence over and over, from device to device. I’ve had friends pull out phones at dinner parties to insist on showing the clip they watch over and over. One of these great scenes is the revelation of Laura (Gene Tierney) — still alive — to Detective McPherson
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