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October is my favorite month of the year. I know this is the case for lots of folks. It’s the one time of year that has remained fun as I’ve gotten older. Not that Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t delightful, but I guess that Halloween has always been more my bag. It’s also been kinda neat to see people embrace the month and the spirit more and more seemingly each year. I was just commenting to my wife the other day that it seems like there are more and more cheap but cool Halloween decorations available every fall and that warms
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Films from the Void: OGROFF

FILMS FROM THE VOID is a journey through junk bins, late night revivals, under seen recesses and reject piles as we try to find forgotten gems and lesser known classics. Join us as we lose our minds sorting through the strange, the sleazy, the sincere and the slop from the past and try to make sense of it all. French horror is a rare bird in discussions of horror here in the United States. While the New French Extremity — which includes such films as Martyrs and Haute Tension — brought new focus to the country’s genre efforts, along with
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