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Interview: Edgar Cantero talks his new novel, MEDDLING KIDS

Edgar Cantero’s new book, Meddling Kids (out now in hardback from Doubleday), was described to me as “Scooby-Doo Meets H.P. Lovecraft.” As much as I had enjoyed Cantero’s first book, The Supernatural Enhancements, you would’ve had me at Scooby Doo. Meddling Kids reminds me of all the Trixie Belden / Three Investigators / Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys books I read as a kid, to say nothing of the Encyclopedia Brown vibes that the movie Mystery Team had. So, yeah: every single thing I enjoy. It tells the story of how The Blyton Summer Detective Club reconvenes after a decade
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CINE-WEEN: Matthew Lillard “A Career RetroSPOOKtive”

Two things I hate: nostalgia for the past and the seasonal fixation on horror films.  My hate is so real that I’m about to tickle both of my non-existent fancies simultaneously.  Why this exercise in punishment?  Well because I love Matthew, I love Liam, but I’m also highly susceptible to suggestion and peer pressure.  I still have my scruples though; I’ll be damned if I’m going to give my art away for free without it being on my own terms.  I could wax poetic about great horror films, directors, or actors, but when it comes to the genre my tastes
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