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SEQUENCE BREAK Director Graham Skipper Chats with Cinepunx

Graham Skipper’s directorial debut is up on Shudder now! If you aren’t sure whether you should check it out, trust me when I tell you you that it’s a great and goopy blend of body horror and techno-horror. Our very own Nick Spacek covered the film last week, so you don’t need to take my word for it. I had the chance to catch up with Graham over the weekend to chat about the film and what else he’s up to: Hey Graham, I feel like we’re old friends now. Talking about your film on my podcast a few months
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Graham Skipper’s Directorial Debut, SEQUENCE BREAK, is a Gooey Mess of Weird

I have no idea what the hell is going on in Sequence Break, Graham Skipper’s directorial debut. It’s spinning, nightmarish bit of psychedelic craziness that circles back onto itself multiple times, and the plot leaves so much to the viewer’s imagination that even the plot summary offers up little to clarify matters: A reclusive video arcade repairman (Chase Williamson) experiences bizarre biomechanical mutations and Cronenbergian hallucinations when a mysterious new arcade machine appears in his shop. Reality itself threatens to fracture as the young man works to solve its mystery – and overcome the new chaos that has entered his
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